Every homeowner dreams of having a beautiful compound to match the elegant house they have built. Landscaping allows you to make your home attractive on the outside, to passersbys and even buyers. It is important to note that even with executive interior design, having a poorly kept lawn will reduce the aesthetics of the house which can keep away potential buyers. With good landscaping, your home will not only be attractive but also feel warmer.

This article has listed the four top landscaping designs that you can use on your lawn and also discussed why hardscaping is an important thing for your compound.

Landscaping designs

  1. Regular style

The regular landscaping design is the most used in classical landscapes. It is most appropriate if you want to create a luxurious feel in your compound. The style applies pure geometry to create the layout i.e., the pathways, flowers, and other aspects are either in a straight, circular, or axial pattern. You can also add a sculptural water source to add more class to the compound. In some lawns that employ the regular landscape designs, you will find decorated pots that are arranged geometrically for added beauty.

2. Naturalistic

The naturalistic design is an informal landscape design which blends with the environment. The general layout is made of meandering lines and objects. This design is typical in contemporary estates, and you will often find a water pond for added beauty. With this design, any material that’s used has to be close to nature, for example, bricks.

3. English garden

This landscaping design originates from the Roman landscaping design. It blends the informal and formal aspects of landscaping. The English garden design is distinguished by its straight and gently winding pathways, benches and other elements made of stone, and statues of classical characters.

4. Modern style

This is also one of the most commonly used landscape designs. It has a layout characterized by lines and all portions of the garden flow into one another in a spacious manner. The modern design is pegged on simplicity and creating a sleek look. The most commonly used color palette used in the modern landscaping design is black, white, or grey. The pavements are usually made of pebbles or concrete.

How does hardscaping work with landscaping?

Hardscaping involves all the non-plant aspects of a lawn. This includes the pathways, patios, fences, and any other ornaments found in the garden, or even structures such as playsets and swingsets. It is essential to understand that hardscaping forms the foundation of any landscaping. It is therefore important to plan your lawn correctly before you begin with the soft scaping.

It is important to note that the right hardscape should provide fluid continuity of the interior design of your house. If you have the skills required to hardscape, then you can go ahead and do it on your own. However, if you are not sure about your landscaping skills, it is advisable to get professional help to help with the same.